Downsizing & Lifestyle Management

Our Downsizing & Lifestyle Management Consultancy is a completely personalized service that is tailored to our older clients’ individual needs. While in some circumstances we may be assisted by caring family members, often we are asked to step into that role and provide a very personal, concierge service to ensure that the client is able to navigate the confusing (and often overwhelming) journey.

Therefore, our lifestyle management comprises several of the services we offer individually, together with a couple of very valuable additions. 

Retirement Community Analysis & Advisory

To avoid potentially disastrous decisions buyers must do their research more diligently, or use the services of an experienced professional to help them.

Floor Planning & Furniture Placement

Using professional software, we can render a 3D plan of your new home to ensure that all your furniture fits and is positioned to  optimize space and aesthetics.

Decluttering & Professional Organization

One of our core and most requested services, we will usually  assist clients to declutter and get rid of unwanted possessions BEFORE they relocate into a new home.

Packing, Relocation & Unpacking

We handle the whole process for you, providing all the necessary materials for the job. We pack your belongings, arrange  removalists and unpack your possessions for you on the other side.

Deceased Estate & Nursing Home Clearances

It is often equally stressful when a loved one passes or needs to be  moved into a nursing home. Experience and empathy are crucial elements of this service.


Amazing!! The ladies took what I thought was an impossible task and organised 30 years of “stuff” in under 2 days. I still can’t believe my eyes. I suffer many physical issues but also anxiety with people and I was treated with KINDNESS AND RESPECT. I was embarrassed by the state(mess) of my belongings so I put it off and pretended like there wasn’t an issue.

I’m so thankful for CHANGING SEASONS. HARD WORKING, DEDICATED AND KIND. They even organised for someone to pick up a car that was no longer running (I was going to pay someone to take it away) but they went the extra mile and I GOT $550, cash. And they came in A LOT UNDER QUOTE. I’ll be recommending to family and friends and to you knowing you’ll be amazed as well

Jody from Downunder


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