You’re almost done! You know where you want to go, you’ve got rid of all your excess belongings & you’ve successfully sold your home. Now you have to tackle the seriously arduous task of moving! Not only do you have to actually find a removalist, you also have to pack all your belongings (which means sourcing boxes … & paper … & tape … etc … etc …etc!) Then you have to stress about your goods actually arriving safely & also remember where you have put everything. Then you realize that you’ve forgotton to cancel services & arrange new connections on the other side … & if that’s not stress and strain for a whole lifetime, then you have to unpack again!

Our moving service takes all the pain out of moving, allowing you to actually get excited about your new life!

  • In some instances, if the quantity of furniture being relocated is small or the contract is out of the ordinary, we will manage the move in-house. 
  • Otherwise we often use a limited number of reputable relocation companies, whose services we can recommend.
  • Project manage the entire move, liaising with removalists & service providers on your behalf, providing you with updates but releasing you from the nitty-gritty of the detail.
  • If necessary, photograph current positioning of all your belongings in their cupboards to ensure that they can be re-placed in your new home in as closely matching position as possible.
  • Pack your belongs, ensuring that all your precious items are well-padded & systematically itemized for ease of unpacking.
  • Unpack & make you comfortable in your new home; connect all electrical and plumbing appliances & ensure that all digital appliances are correctly connected and working. Make beds & arrange personal belongings so that everything is in position for your first night in your new home.
  • Remove & dispose of all packing materials.

What a pleasure it was to have Melody and Shae handle our move.
From backing our possessions with care and attention, arranging delivery to two locations, then unpacking and putting every think away. To cap it all off the finale price was well below the original estimate. That is something that you don’t see very often these days

Robert Hackshall


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