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My overwhelming collection of things inherited from four parents or accumulated over recent years was tackled willingly and systematically and with a smile by a team of ladies led by the lovely Melody and Shae. Carton by carton and box by box were carefully emptied onto tables and I went from table to table deciding donate, sell, toss or keep. Sometimes, they were able to assist with information that made decisions easier.
By the end of the day, a dense two metre high wall of containers metres deep was reduced to a waist high single row of labelled bags in the boxes. It’s was such a relief, and the ladies worked tirelessly and happily all day.
Next day, the overwhelming linen press that I could barely open the door to, was tackled. Shae was awesome. Now I can step into it and there are spaces on the shelves. Everything is sorted and folded.
These ladies are fabulous at what they do……helping the client regain control of their wanted possessions and feel proud of the result.

Helen Stevens - May 2023

Servicing the Moreton Bay & Brisbane regions