Originally from Zimbabwe, Melody and her family emigrated to Australia in 2004 after losing their farms to the Mugabe regime. Their initial reason for choosing the name ‘Changing Seasons’ was very literal – attributing the seasons to stages and ages, with a particular focus on those in the Autumn or Winter of their lives.

But over time they’ve come to realise that we all are (or should be) continually ‘changing seasons’ to keep happy, healthy and motivated!

Melody has operated several small businesses in her life but for the last 10 years has been heavily involved in the lifestyle industry, as General Manager of Savannah Lifestyle Resort in Mareeba and Sales & Marketing Manager of Affinity Sheep Station Creek Lifestyle Resort in Morayfield, developing both communities virtually from scratch. In addition to a complete downsizing consultation, Melody offers a retirement community analysis & advisory service, as one of her biggest concerns about the over 50’s industry, from experience, is that older folk are making monumental decisions based on misleading information.

Melody’s perspective:
“I have to admit that, while I am generally a glass half-full kind of person, I need to be setting new goals for myself, big or small, and to be continually moving in a positive direction, to prevent feeling rudderless and frustrated; this is made worse when my surroundings are messy or cluttered!
Unfortunately, life has a terrible habit of throwing curved balls at us &, while we generally cope, sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed. Being able to make a tangible difference to someone’s life, not just in the provision of a service but, more importantly, in helping them to regain their own controls and sense of order and achievement, is priceless!’

Shae, mum to a beautiful little girl, with another on the way, has changed her career path from manager in the hospitality industry and childcare, into Professional Organisation, and has definitely found her niche, able to utilise her warm, approachable manner and mild OCD tendencies to specialise in decluttering, organizing and staging homes for sale.

Shae’s perspective:
“I have always been slightly ‘OCD’, so becoming a Professional Organiser was a no-brainer! However I’ve definitely learned, through experience and training, that everyone has their own issues, mental and otherwise, and dealing with these has become one of our biggest skill-sets. Mum and I really do care, sometimes too much!”

Both ladies have always shared a passion for orderliness and this, coupled with Melody’s achievements and tertiary study (which include an MBA and real estate sales agent registration), her reputation and ability to both sell pre-loved homes within, and the general management of lifestyle resorts, ensures that each job undertaken by Changing Seasons is carried out to complete client satisfaction.

They are also extremely careful in selecting team members who share their ethics, integrity and empathy; furthermore all our consultants are provided with on-job training & have the experience to tackle any task & provide solutions to even the most complex of issues.

I am happy to recommend Changing Seasons to those who are short handed in clearing out belongings, especially if they have or represent strong emotional memories. Both Melody & Shae approached my situation with respect, understanding, & care. If you are like me & find it hard & overwhelming to do it on your own, please consider the help that Melody & Shae (Changing Seasons) will bring. I have upmost trust in their professional caring service.

Will Henderson


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