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We accumulate mounds of belongings as we age; sometimes it may have huge sentimental value and is either a reminder of the kids when they were young or a deceased parent or spouse, at others it’s really just ‘stuff’ and is not even owned by us!

Unfortunately, this is a hugely necessary process. Practically, the mounds of stuff or large chunky furniture you own now will not fit in your new, downsized home and it’s an absolute fact that if you want to achieve the best possibly sale price for your current home, it needs to be decluttered before being dressed for sale.


Emotional clutter
Sentimental items with little financial value – including children’s toys or drawings, (unused or unwanted) gifts, school or uni/TAFE notes, and personal possessions of absent loved ones.

We come across this type of clutter a lot among the older clients with whom we deal. Many are suffering the loss of a partner and decluttering their possessions is often overwhelming for them.

Just-in-case clutter
This includes bits and pieces with little or no sentimental value but that ‘might come in handy one day’ and that are therefore kept for some time, such as old bills or bank statements, tools and stationery.

Older folk have a propensity to hoard since their early years were often extremely difficult and things were expensive to buy and often hard to come-by,  and that habit is hard to break.

Bought clutter
Impulse purchases, often acquired recently, that end up never being used, commonly including clothes, fashion accessories, gifts and books.

We have also come across this issue with several of our clients, suffering from emotional trauma, whose online shopping fixation replaces the emotional connection they desperately need from a loved-one.

Bargain clutter
Free or very cheap things acquired at sales, from friends or family or ‘by the side of the road’ which are discarded only reluctantly because they were so cheap.

So why should you use a professional organizer to help you to declutter. Honestly because they have no emotional attachment to your possessions and are able to give you an unbiased perspective. Our consultants will also be fully trained in the service and follow the guidelines recommended by the INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL ORGANISERS.

Another important part of this process is the disposal of all the clutter which, depending on the size of the task, can be equally as daunting. We can dispose of your unwanted items for you:

→ by sale through online through specialized auction houses
→ donation to worthy charitable organisations
→ recycling/dumping in strict observance of local by-laws

In addition, and equally as importantly, we will also conduct the process with compassion and empathy.


From complex, whole room declutter/organisation to single area, our consultants are experienced and extremely capable of delivering exceptional results, time and time again!


Dealing with hoarding can be extremely confronting, both for the client and the consultant. Achieving satisfactory results requires a balance of experience, patience, empathy and compassion.

My overwhelming collection of things inherited from four parents or accumulated over recent years was tackled willingly and systematically and with a smile by a team of ladies led by the lovely Melody and Shae. Carton by carton and box by box were carefully emptied onto tables and I went from table to table deciding donate, sell, toss or keep. Sometimes, they were able to assist with information that made decisions easier.
By the end of the day, a dense two metre high wall of containers metres deep was reduced to a waist high single row of labelled bags in the boxes. It’s was such a relief, and the ladies worked tirelessly and happily all day.
Next day, the overwhelming linen press that I could barely open the door to, was tackled. Shae was awesome. Now I can step into it and there are spaces on the shelves. Everything is sorted and folded.
These ladies are fabulous at what they do……helping the client regain control of their wanted possessions and feel proud of the result.

Helen Stevens


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